Colorado Kubb
Bringing the Viking sport to the Rockies and beyond

How to Play

*Illustrations coming soon – it’s not as complicated as it seems!*


The first team to knock over all of their opponents’ baseline kubbs and the king wins.  If a team knocks the king over before all the baseline kubbs, that team loses the game.

How to Play

Team A throws all 6 batons at Team B’s ‘baseline kubbs.’  Batons must be thrown underhand – overhand and sideways “helicopter” throws are not allowed.  Team B now stands at their baseline and must toss any knocked over kubbs into Team A’s half of the field, making them ‘field kubbs.’  Kubbs that hit other ‘field kubbs’ are then stacked into a tower, making it easier to hit with a single baton (there is no limit to the number of stackable field kubbs.  Baseline kubbs are never stacked).  If a kubb is tossed out of bounds or it does not make it into the other half of the field, the opposing team can place that kubb anywhere they’d like on the playing field. After all the knocked over kubbs have been thrown, Team A stands them up where they landed, and stack any that hit each other.

From their baseline, Team B now must try to knock over all the ‘field kubbs’ before they can aim for the ‘baseline kubbs.’  If any ‘baseline kubbs’ are knocked over before the ‘field kubbs,’ they are placed upright again.

After Team B has tossed all 6 batons, Team A picks up any kubbs that have been knocked down (both ‘field kubbs’ and ‘baseline kubbs’) and tosses them back into the other half of the field.  Team B stands them up, stacking any that have hit.

Team A now must knock over any field kubbs before aiming for the baseline kubbs.  If Team B failed to knock down all their ‘field kubbs’ the previous turn, Team A can toss their batons from an imaginary line from the ‘field kubb’ closest to the king on their side.  If Team B succeeded in knocking down all their ‘field kubbs,’ Team A throws from their original baseline.

Play continues in this manner until one team knocks down all their ‘field’ and ‘baseline’ kubbs.  That team must then knock down the king.  All attempts on the king and all kubb tossing must take place from the original baseline.  Once the king is knocked down, the game is over.  If the king is knocked over by accident too soon, by baton or kubb, that team loses the game.

Game Variations

Kubb rules can be modified and vary greatly depending on where in the world you are playing.  Fields can be shortened for play with children, or just half the field can be shortened for an adult vs. child match.  In New Zealand, if a ‘baseline kubb’ is knocked down by accident before all the ‘field kubbs,’ that team forfeits the rest of their turn.

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